About me

I am Sara Fabbri, the founder of Minds for Science. 

After many years in academia as researcher and Assistant Prof. in Cognitive Science, I have developed this vision: a University where people enjoy their passion of creating knowledge, without stress and insecurities.

During the coaching sessions and the workshops, I guide academics to reflect on their goals (professional or private) and what are the steps to get there. The results are a new awareness of the specific situation and the sense of empowerment that comes by moving toward the goals.

I have followed 1 year of coaching education at the certified "Academie voor Coaching en Counselling". Since then, I have been the coach of more than 40 academics (master students, PhD students and postdocs). Currently, I am specializing in career coaching and I am the coach of 250 research master students at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.